SMS Text Messaging Makes Our Lives A Little Easier

Carissa Drohan-Jennings, January 11th 2011

I recently returned from a relaxing trip to Los Angeles where I was visiting family over Christmas break.  It was the first time that I had ever been down to that area of the US and the trip was really enjoyable - well, until it became time to fly home. 

As I checked my flight status online I realized that it had been delayed.  This could have been a bad start to my day but it turned out to be a lesson in customer communication. 

I was able to easily subscribe to SMS text message flight updates which gave me the freedom to go out an and enjoy my day.  While I was touring around the city I periodically received notifications by text message on the status of my flight.  The updates allowed me to take control over my day and they helped me to stay informed without being tethered to a computer all day.

This is just one example of how text messaging can be used to help companies communicate with their customers. 

In the rental industry landlords can also benefit from mobile communication. There are many creative ways to adopt SMS messaging but here's one that I would suggest for any landlords who doesn't have a mobile-friendly website.

Add an SMS advertisement on your signage to entice potential renters to request your building’s marketing information on their cell phone. For example, text “4rent” to 99999. To see an example of this strategy visit

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