Updated as of July 2, 2020

Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy

Privacy of personal information is important to Rentsync.

We are committed to collecting, using and disclosing Personal Information responsibly and only to the extent necessary for the Purpose set out in the Terms of Use and for the optimization of our products and services.

This privacy policy is complementary to the Terms of Use and both documents should be read as a whole.

What is Personal Information?

Personal Information is information about an identifiable individual that relates to personal characteristics (such as gender, race, income, home address or family status), their health or their views (such as politics or religion) that is disclosed to a Client from anyone accessing the Client's site or the Landlord Web Solutions d/b/a Rentsync (hereby referred to as "Rentsync") sites or to which Rentsync may otherwise have access in connection with the products and services that it provides to its clients. The information may vary depending on the discloser, the Client's requirements or changes in the applicable legislation (PIPEDA or regulation such as GDPR and CASL).

Our products and services and Personal Information

Rentsync creates, licenses and provides online products and services that are used by landlords and property management organizations to optimize their investments in renting properties or seeking renters ("Clients"). While individuals, prospective tenants, tenants, your employees or advisors (collectively the "Users") may not access our products or services directly, in the normal course of their operations, our Clients access, collect, retain, analyze, use and distribute Personal Information of various kinds as it relates to their business. Some of these activities are performed through websites and various software products. Our products and services interface with the Clients' websites and manage information logged unto our sites in accordance with their functional characteristics.

Primary Purposes for collecting and using Personal Information

About tenants

Our Clients collect, use and disclose Personal Information in order to serve the tenants in a given building and operate their properties efficiently; this information could be the names of all occupants in a unit, telephone numbers, banking information and e-mail addresses. In addition, landlords may share tenant lists with any provider of utilities, services and/or commodities to the building (e.g., gas, electricity, water, telephone, cable and satellite) for the purpose of marketing, promoting, tailoring products for residents and providing such utilities, services and/or commodities to the buildings.

About Prospective Tenants

Prospective tenants are requested to complete a rental application form so that Clients can assess their suitability as tenants and have necessary basic information should they become tenants. This would include the following types of information: names, e-mail address, telephone number, past tenancy history, employment history, references and conduct history and financial means and credit history.

About Members of the General Public

Clients may gather Personal Information in the course of marketing their properties to prospective tenants. This information is collected either from public sources (e.g., telephone directories) or directly from the individuals with their consent. Some information may also be collected through cookies. Cookies are only used to help you navigate our website and are not used to monitor you.

It is the Clients' responsibility to ensure that any Personal Information is collected from Users in complete conformity with all applicable legislation, which includes obtaining all required consents from Clients. Rentsync's role is to "process the Personal Information" through its products and systems in accordance with the consents provided by the Users, to assist the Clients in their use of the products.

If we are entrusted with Personal Information, we will retain it in accordance with each Client's instructions and guidelines or, failing specific instructions, according to normal industry practices.

Protecting personal information

We understand the importance of protecting Personal Information. For that reason, we have taken the following steps:

  • All information transiting on our platforms or systems are passwords encrypted.
  • Only the Clients have access to the Personal Information by using a password.
  • Only Rentsync representatives with a "need-to-access" are allowed to access the platform and, in doing so, only as necessary to fulfill their duties and in accordance with our privacy policy.
  • External consultants, agencies and service providers with access to Personal Information must provide us with appropriate privacy assurances.

Managing personal information

Due to the nature of our products and the fact that they interface with Clients' websites, it is unlikely that a User would contact us directly regarding Personal Information that we may have collected or retained on our systems. Typically, a User would address any question or concern in this regard with the Client. However, if any User accesses our products or sites, he/she can also require that any Personal Information accessed, collected or used by Rentsync be removed or corrected at any time and for any reason. In such case, we will inform the Client of the request and work with such Client to ensure that the User's request is addressed promptly and in accordance with the privacy policy of our Client.

This policy is made under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. It is a complex statute and provides some additional exceptions to the privacy principles that are too detailed to set out here.