Why Are QR Codes Appealing To Mobile Users?

Carissa Drohan-Jennings, January 19th 2011

Mobile web browsing is a lot different than desktop browsing.  I’m a perfect example.  Being an avid mobile user, I find that my browsing behaviour drastically changes when I search on my phone.  Overall, I’m less patient with the time it takes me to enter in my search query or URL, and I’m not alone.

According to Google's research, the average query on a mobile search browser is 15 characters long!  If that’s not surprising then how about this…it takes roughly 30 key presses and approximately 40 seconds to enter.  That suggests that a lot of us experience typos!

So, if I’m a renter who’s just seen your ad what’s easier for me to do – scan a QR code or type in your URL?

To answer that question I put myself to the test.  I timed how long it took me to pick up my cell phone, open my QR code reader, scan a QR code and arrive at the website.  It took me 29 seconds in total, 13 of which was my cell phone trying to access the website.

That's a difference of between 11-27 seconds, depending on how you look at it.  But look how easy it was!  I didn’t have to fiddle with my keypad or erase any typing mistakes.  I just sat back in my chair, scanned the code and reaped the rewards.

QR codes can add value to any apartment ad!

To learn more about QR codes and to understand how you can incorporate them into your advertising, you can read this article entitled, “QR Codes For Landlords – The Basics”.

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