Peter Mansbridge Inspired Me and Made Me Miss My Exit

Carissa Drohan-Jennings, December 3rd 2010

Last nights FRPO Awards Gala was truly a memorable event and the ceremony ended off so nicely with an elegant speech from Peter Mansbridge.

The room fell silent as everyone focused on the man himself - Mansbridge.  So composed and modest, he lit up the stage with his tales of past experiences and memories. This man has been shaped into a Canadian icon and yet he’s still down-to-earth and a gentle human being - a true Canadian.

His stories told of how individual people could do exceptional things and how selflessness and the caring of others is really what Canadian culture is all about.  We often get caught up in the day to day struggles of business, renting and personal problems, but when we refocus our energy into helping others we get an even stronger reward.

On my trip back home to Guelph I was tired and decided to chat with my spouse to pass the time.  I found myself recounting the stories that Mansbridge told and the time quickly flew by.  I didn’t just miss my exit but I passed by three of them!  Although this typically would have frustrated me, I found that I was still smiling.  Mansbridge’s message got through to this audience member!  Thank you FRPO and Peter for that inspiring presentation.

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