Landlords Can Now Update Google Maps With Amenities and Building Locations

Carissa Drohan-Jennings, October 25th 2011

Google recently released Map Maker, which is an interactive tool that allows everyday people to update Google Maps.  Now anyone with a Google account can add new streets, trails and landmarks to the map system.  This includes points of interest, shopping and most importantly for landlords apartment buildings and amenities.

The number one factor that renters consider when choosing an apartment is its location, and now Google maps can help landlords highlight their building’s location, creating a competitive advantage.  By adding points of interest, shopping centres, gyms, movie theatres, restaurants and other attractions to Google Maps, landlords can now better highlight a building’s relative location to desired amenities.

What's even more convenient is that many landlords, including all Landlord Web Solutions clients, have Google maps tied into their website.  This means that taking the time to update Google Maps with a building's surrounding amenities will instantaneously increase the marketing capabilities of that building's listing. 

If you're interested in updating Google Maps, here are some simple instructions on how to use the system.  If you have any questions, or would like help updating your building’s information, please feel free to contact us for some assistance.


6 Simple Instructions For How To Update Google Maps

  1. Sign into your Google account. If you don’t have one you can create one at
  2. Visit
  3. In the white Add A Point Box, select the pin icon.
  4. Using the drop down box, select which type of location you’re marking.  This could by your apartment building or nearby amenities, such as: Restaurant, Shopping Centre, Café, Gym, Movie Theatre, Bank, Bus Station, Train Station, etc.
  5. Using the “X” marker that is now the point of your mouse, select the location of the new point of interest and click on the map.
  6. A form now appears on the left hand side of your screen with fields for required information.  Fill in all the required fields and click save.

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