Introduction to the LIFT System

Michael Mottola, January 14th 2011

Prior to the incorporation of Landlord Web Solutions in July of 2010, the LIFT System was in it's early stages of planning. The talks at the coffee shop, the email discussions and the late night coding sessions marked the beginning of our Content Management System (CMS). With a vision for the future, we began developing the most basic version of the soon to be named LIFT System; a CMS designed for the rental industry, built around the needs of landlords and property owners.

The development of the system went hand in hand with setting up the company.  With all of us working from home - designing websites, creating our product and developing for our future - we witnessed the system taking shape.

Months later the company was officially incorporated and we moved into our new office located at 43 Front Street in Thorold, Ontario.  With a shared sense of excitement, we put our skills together and joined our efforts into serving all of our landlords internet marketing needs. And so, the LIFT System was born.

The early stages, or versions of this system, paved the road for what it looks like today, and what it will continue to evolve into in the future. Every client we have on the LIFT System has provided our team with valuable input and feedback, and that feedback has helped us to shape and enhance the tools of the system, thus allowing it to perform better for both our clients and their customers.

We will be continually improving the LIFT System by developing new modules, plug-ins and enhancing our current tools.  We've strategized to push system updates automatically into our clients' systems, so no matter when they became an LWS client doesn't matter, they will always have the most current and up-to-date version out there. 

I encourage you to continue to follow my blog, as I will be discussing the LIFT System in further detail and will provide you with further insight into what updates and modules are coming in the future. 

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