Cookie Monster Brings Back A Bit Of Nostalgia

Carissa Drohan-Jennings, November 24th 2010

I just saw a tweet today about how Cookie Monster wanted everyone on Facebook to join his fan page and help him get on the show Saturday Night Live (SNL).  Within an hour I saw that #CookieMonster was a top trending topic worldwide.  In fact, there were posts in all sorts of languages re-tweeting the viral video.  It will be interesting to see if he does indeed make it on the show.

If you’re anything like me you love those fuzzy little puppets and you laughed as you watched the video.  (for any of you that missed it, click here).

Why do we love nostalgic things?  According to one source on the Internet, “We are creating a new culture and we don’t know what’s going to happen.  So we need some warm fuzzies from our past.”  It’s true, terrorist attacks, wars, the HST…well, for some people that was traumatic…all of these events are terrifying and they shake up our world.  We want to revert back to a time when things seemed simple.

So, what does this rambling have to do with apartment marketing?  Well, if you want to incorporate nostalgia into your building then think about the past.  If you’re a building full of seniors then play some 30’s jazz music in the common room.  Turn down the lights and have a dance night.  If it’s a student building, have some old Spiderman comics in the lobby or hook up an old Nintendo in the common room.  Those old relics spring up a lot of good memories and conversation.