Is Blackberry Really The Top Brand In Canada's Mobile Market?

Carissa Drohan-Jennings, November 9th 2011

A new study done by Ipsos Reid reports that Blackberry holds approximately 40% of the Canadian market share for Smartphones, Apple is second with approximately 25% and all other types of Smartphones, including Samsung, LG, Motorolla and Sony make up the rest. 

As apartment marketers we must be careful about making quick marketing decision based on this data alone, as the overall market share numbers may not reflect the apartment industry’s true data.  

When comparing the mobile visitor statistics from 11 of our clients, I discovered that visitors to rental website predominantly come from iPhone users.  In fact, there is a huge difference in the visitor profiles from the Ipsos Reid market share results.  iPhone users accounted for an average of 59% of rental traffic, followed by android devices with 35% and lastly Blackberry with only 6%.

There may be many reasons why these statistics are so different, including the fact that many of Blackberry’s key clients are business people who are most likely not in the rental market.  For this reason we see that iPhone may be the dominant platform chosen by renters.

So, if you’re designing a mobile website or a rental app, then keep in mind the user experience for iPhone users.