How Your Google AdWords Campaign Can Benefit From Google's +1 Button

Carissa Drohan-Jennings, August 4th 2011

Google has recently introduced a +1 button into its search results.  The new button appears to the right of each indexed page within the Google search engine. This new tool has been designed to allow users to mark content that they like, so that they can share their recommendations with their contacts and friends.  As Google puts it, it allows users to say to their contacts and friends, ‘this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out”.

What’s great about this new tool is that it can apparently help to improve the click through rates (CTR) for Google AdWords campaigns.  Initial tests performed by Google showed that there was an increase in click through rates for ads that displayed these +1 recommendations. This finding stands to reason, as many people trust the recommendations of their friends, family and contacts.

So, knowing the positive impact that these +1 tags have on the Google AdWords effectiveness, landlords should now be actively encouraging current renters and staff to +1 their URLs. 

Today +1 buttons are visible by default in the Google search results, but you can also increase your exposure and add a +1 button to your web pages.  Simply visit Google +1 and install the button’s code.  Please note: For all Landlord Web Solutions clients, simply contact us and we’ll add it into your pages for you.

And on a final note, it’s important just to be aware that the +1 clicks to an ad will not be counted as a click through on the ad, which is to say that you won’t be charged for them.


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