Google Analytics Can Help Make The Perfect Recipe

Carissa Drohan-Jennings, April 1st 2011

I’ll be speaking about analytics at the upcoming Landlord Web Con 2011, and it’s got me thinking a lot about the applications of Google Analytics for landlords.  Many landlords know that they should be using the program, but they don’t know how the results can help them make actionable decisions.  That’s what I’ll be trying to help clarify in my presentation.

I’m starting to use the analogy of creating a new recipe to explain its importance.  If you were to think of yourself as a chef who is trying to come up with the perfect recipe, you’d start off with some basic food groups – protein, starch and maybe vegetables.  Now, these elements can be combined in many different ways to come up with the perfect dish.  It’s all a matter of playing around with them to see what works and what doesn’t.

The same is true with advertising.   You start off with different advertising mediums - print, online and signage - and then you test their results.  You're trying to make the perfect combination that will be both cost effective and productive.  To do all of this you will need a way to monitor the results, that’s where Google Analytics comes in.

In the coming weeks I’ll be putting together a “How To” series on Google Analytics, which will contain instructions and screenshots of how to use the system to monitor advertising.  It will be available after Landlord Web Con 2011.  Hope to see you there!